Nicki Minaj – New Album, BET Feud and More


Nicki Minaj is a great black artist. That being said there are many news sites out there talking about her. There are also many reviews about Nicki Minaj today. Her fans are everywhere and they need to know what Nicki Minaj has been doing these days too.


We are going to talk about what Nicki Minaj has been doing these days. She has been also having issues with other people including BET. We will let you know more about these things so you can become a fan that has more information about Nicki Minaj than many other fans out there.

New Update

Nicki Minaj has given us a new status update about her new album. This is very important for her fans, and she is more than willing to talk about it too. Fans are truly happy with Nicki Minaj because she has just confirmed that a new album is just underway.

Nicki Minaj did want to talk about the name of the album or even a release day. She was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon too. Queen is the latest album of this superstar, which just peaked No.2 at Billboard 200. Nicki Minaj knows what she is doing and she is truly willing to go the extra mile to make things happen.


Skipped the BET

We have to tell you that Nicki Minaj just skipped the famous BET awards too. That is something that the fans of Nicki Minaj need to know about. The reason why Nicki Minaj did not show up at the BET awards is a tweet that BET dropped

BET said something that Nicki Minaj did not like, and that was the beginning of the end. It did not matter much that BET apologized for the incident later because it was too late. They said that they loved Nicki Minaj and supported her ascending career from the beginning.


Pissing Off

Nicki Minaj’s fans felt that that BET had mistreated Nicki Minaj. And they were furious. BET tried to stop the madness but it was too late. Some fans event got back their BET Experience tickets because they felt that this was the right thing to do.

The problem seems so huge that we do not think that she will ever be in peace with the network. But the reality is that we should never say never. That is something that we have to learn and understand at all times too.

We have talked about what Nicki Minaj has been doing Nicki Minaj is having problems with BET, yet she has been working hard to release her new album. Yes, Nicki Minaj is a hard-working person who is truly committed to continue with her career of success in the music world.

We have also talked about the problems that Nicki Minaj has been having with BET. Yes, Nicki Minaj has been having many issues with BET because the network said something bad about her. Nicki Minaj is not willing to deal with BET anymore, and they are no longer the types of friends that they were in the past.

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