Michael Jordan Thanksed Kenya Walker


Michael Jordan is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets. But he has something to say about one of the best players of the team in the past. Kenya Walker was playing hard for the team in the past, and he truly earned the respect and admiration of Michael Jordan.

Kenya Walker also earned the respect and admiration of his peers, the city of Charlotte, and the NBA. We are going to let you know more about what Michael Jordan said about Kenya Walker so you can truly grasp what Kenya Walker means for the NBA and his fans these days.

Great Basketball Player

Kenya Walker is one of the top basketball players who have ever played for the famous Charlotte Hornets, according to the team’s owner Michael Jordan. Yes, the legend of basketball said that about Kenya Walker and he is truly right about this too.

Kenya Walker worked hard a point guard for the Charlotte Hornets. Michael Jordan thanked him for hits outstanding work ethics and heart. Kenya Walker was thanked by the Charlotte Hornet’s chairman for his eight amazing seasons with the organization. Kenya Walker was always representing the team with class.


Kenya Walker was working hard and representing his team, the NBA and the outstanding city of Charlotte with class, according to Michael Jordan. As you can see, the basketball star was very pleased with the things that Kenya Walker did for the team in the past. In fact, Kenya Walker was very serious about to make a name for himself in the team.

Kenya Walker represented the team very well not only on the court but in the community at large. The team wanted Kenya Walker to remain in the team, but money talks. Michael Jordan said that he wishes Kenya Walker all the best, and he wants this for his family too.

Millionaire Contract

Kenya Walker landed a $141 million deal with the famous Boston Celtics, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. The Boston Celtics offered the basketball player $160 for five years, according to Charlotte Observer’s Scott Fowler.

We have to remember that a $221 million contract is allowed to any supermax player out there. The famous Charlotte Hornets just lowballed Kenya Walker, but we have to recall that this player was the cause of the team’s success in the past too. Kenya Walker is only 29 but he has won 3 selections to play at the All-Star game in the past.

Remember that Kenya Walker is a great basketball player. He was the most important player of the Charlotte Hornets, and he deserves his success. Kenya Walker has received a multi-million dollar contract, and he deserves every bit of it too.

Kenya Walker has just been working hard all of his life to achieve this goal. Michael Jordan recognized that he has lost a great player, but he wishes him and his family the best. He understands that money talks, and the Charlotte Hornets did not have the money to keep him with the team. We also wish Kenya Walker the best because he deserves it.

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