Selena Gomez on Ill Treatment of Migrants


Lately, there have been so many questions raised on the ill treatment of migrants in the US. And it appears everyone is taking an issue with this worrying trend but one Donald Trump. But why would he when Americanization formed the major part of his pre-poll pledges? However, there are many celebrities increasingly coming forward to condemn these inhuman acts. And the latest to join the chorus is one Selena Gomez.

Recently, reports emerged that children were being detained in cages in the country’s southern border, something that did not go down well with many celebrities and other children advocacy groups. Selena Gomez described these events as absolutely inhumane’ and wondered why such incidents were taking place in this century, and in a country known for its firm defense for civil rights.

According to reports, most of those detained were denied their basic rights, including the right to food, clothing and bathing.

On her Instagram account, Ms. Gomez noted that not only were those kids caged, but were left to sleep on concrete floors with no blankets but aluminum sheets. Selena Gomez wondered why anyone would be subjected to such degrading conditions. She challenged her followers and everyone at large to take a personal initiative and report such incidents to authorities. In this post, she also shared a number through which US citizens can contact their local senators in a bid to have these children rescued as soon as possible. And in order to continue the discussion, she started the hashtags #CloseTheCamps and #FamilesBelongTogether which are currently trending on her Instagram page and beyond.

Of the many celebrities that have raised their concerns on the apparent mishandling of migrants, perhaps it is people like Selena Gomez who perfectly understand the predicament of these children. This is because Selena traces her roots back to Mexico, as her father is of Mexican descent. Coincidentally, most of these migrants are Mexicans, so it is clear to see how passionately Gomez feels about their plight.

Selena Gomez’s sentiments came after so many other celebrities had voiced their concerns on how the administration in the southern US states were treating migrants. In fact, her post on Instagram almost immediately followed another post by actress and comedian Amy Schumer. In her post, Schumer shared a photo of Gene, her son, along with a hilarious caption that ended in a rallying call to have her fans donate towards an organization. This organization works towards reuniting all immigrant families that got separated during their attempts to enter the US. Apart from Amy Schumer, other notable celebrities that have voiced their concerns include Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Reese Witherspoon, Alyssa Milano and Anne Hathaway.

Whether the administration will heed these calls is not for anyone to guess. For now, Selena Gomez simply hopes the authorities can be human enough to ensure the immigrant families are treated with some degree of decency. It is also evident that there is a high number of celebrities born from immigrant parents now taking an interest in this debate. All they require is the passion and courage of Selena Gomez. So with growing heat for the Trump’s administration to relax its immigration rules, these celebrity campaigns might just bear some fruit.

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