Top Mp3 Music Downloader Software


Sometimes I find myself in areas with no data signals for my phone and that makes it impossible for me to stream music like am used to. However downloading my favorite music and saving it in offline bridges that barrier. I’m not sure what I would do without the couple software which I use to down music.


  1. qBittorent

When I need to download huge audio music files, qBittorent complete the work with no trouble. I find it more annoying when it takes me forever to download huge file of music like, high quality FLAC, AIFF ,uncompressed wave but withqBittorent it’s just a matter of seconds and I can enjoy my files.


  1. Mp3jam

Mp3jam is one of the fastest downloader software because of its ability to combine multiple sources to download your track. However it has limitation since it requires one to make a purchase one day or life time failure to which you are only allowed to load 5 tracks in a span of 25 minutes.


  1. Vuze

Vuze is one of my favorite downloader since it acquires its music from all the biggest torrent sources. The metasearch generated when one searches their music makes vuze extremely useful tool since it provides favorable results. However, when the deal is too good, there comes a price, vuze has numerous ads and has additional software bundled during installation.




  1. FrostWire

FrostWire is an example of classical peer to peer client which gathers its results from different resources. The good thing about it is that it connects multiple torrents to generate the exact results and has a free benefit of an organized music library manager

  1. Free you tube to mp3 boom

This is the music downloader which is used to download songs in you tube. Its main setback is that it supports you tube one but its also easy to use and can download high quality files. Boom fights to be the best because it downloads high quality videos without necessarily leaving your site








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