Best Mp3 Music Players


I like listening to music whether travelling, walking or even when doing my daily routine. After the introduction of smartphones, mp3 players where on the verge of collapsing but surprisingly some people prefer using them to listen to music as compared to phones. There are cool mp3 music players which I want to discuss about them today.


Apple iPod touch

After 4 years of neglecting the device, (from 2014) apple modernized their iPod and updated its CPU and increased its storage to a hefty 256 GB. The iPod touch is one of the most reputable mp3 player in the market and with such as storage it implies that it can support thousands of songs to entertain its users. With its slim elegant shape, it comes with 4 inch screen,8 megapixel rear camera and can play audio up to 40 hours nonstop.


SanDisk Clip Jam

This is one of my favorite devices since its one of the most affordable mp3 player present in the market costing about $40. It has a one inch display which reflects to its tiny structure and comes with 8 GB of storage implying that it can only store 1000 songs for the playlist. Its equipped with buttons which are used to shift between tracks while in use. It has also a radio feature used when one wants to listen to their favorite channels.



Sonny Walkman wearable

Unlike the other devices I have discussed, these are technically earbuds which has a storage of 4 GB, weights around 1.13 ounce and a rated battery life of 12 hours. They can only support playlist of up to 500 songs and are rated to be both water proof and sweat proof.



SanDisk Clip Sport Plus

As the name suggests, it’s a small device which can be clipped on clothes and has 16 GB of storage meaning that it can store up to 400 songs. It has 1.4 inch display and  a rated battery up 20 hours.



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