Top Music Celebrities In UK


Over the past years,UKhas produced the most iconic musicians of all time. In this article, I will point out the best celebrities who have been highly celebrated due to their consisted tracks in the industry and their overwhelming performances.

Ed Sheeran. He was born in 1991 and attended Academic of Contemporary Music and began his professional career in 2011. I’m a big fan of his works which include” shape of you” and his albums i.e. ‘divine’. People best know him due to his vocals and the ability to play guitar too. He has an estimated net worth of $ 110 million

Adele. She isa British song writer born in the year 1988, and graduated from BRIT school in the year 2006. She has won 15 Grammy awards and one Oscar too due to her million record sales. The singer has a mind blowing net worth of $184 million and is married with one kid

Calvin Harris. Born in 1984 in Scotland, he became the highest most paid dj in 2013 after breaking the legendary Michael Jackson record for the UK top ten singles from one album. I mean if you really like electronic dance am sure he is one of your favorite artist, I really like his music. He has an estimated wealth of $ 190 millions

Dua lipa. Dua lipa is an English singer and song writer born in 1995 and started as a model before he released her first son “New Love” courtesy of Warner Music Group. She has also released other stunning tracks i.e. “one kiss” with Calvin Harris which reached number one in the UK top singles and has a net worth of $ 3million.

Zayn Malik. He is one the top charming artist who parted ways with one direction to venture in his own projects and was born and raised in Bradford. The pillow talk singer made his presence known after releasing mind of mine in 2016 and has an estimated net worth of $ 65 million




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