Various Add-Ons & Extensions for Mp3 Juices

Please choose below your browser to be redirected to the correct Mp3Juices add-on installation page.

After installing MP3juices Add-on to your favorite browser, you will have a new icon in the toolbar on top of the browser usually to the right of the address bar. From there you can click on the icon when watching some YouTube video to be transported here, without the need to copy-paste the link URL. It will also work when browsing some song on Soundcloud. Click the new downloader icon, and small context menu will show. There will be buttons to „MP3 Download” and „Search on website”. Select the one best fitting your desire.

If you click on the „MP3 Download” button, you will be instantly transported to this here website, and YouTube video to mp3 converter will begin work automatically. After a minute or two the conversion will be finished, then you can download the MP3 file. From that point you can repeat the whole process to download MP4 video file. Same way it works with Soundcloud songs, which can be found at the bottom of search results, simply click the button to repeat search with Soundcloud included.

If you want to „Search on website”, chose that button and be sent to Mp3Juice page with search functionality. There you can type in the desired keywords (it is usually something from the song title or artist name, band title, etc even words from the song can work as many YouTube songs now have lyrics included). The search function is smart and covers all that, actually YouTube itself performs the search, we just copy the results. At Mp3Juices you will always find the music you're looking for.

In some browsers our add-on icon is initially hidden in the menu, and will only be visible in the Firefox browser from the get go. To make this Add-on visible and easily accessible from the browser menu in Microsoft Edgeor Opera, all you will need to do is click on the icon that hides all the addons, and enable the visibility, or just drag icon from the folder to the visible toolbar area right next to that folder icon. Hopefully this doesn't look confusing, it's just Mp3 Juice addon to get to this site quickly.